Orion Launches 'Electronic Onsite Servicing' Product

Orion Financial Group, a mortgage industry document services provider, has developed a proprietary scanning process to streamline the lien assignment and release process.

The "Electronic Onsite Servicing" system allows Orion and its clients to operate at a higher efficiency level while delivering speed and accuracy, Orion said.

"Clients who utilize this onsite scanning will save on time and financial resources, yielding a fraction of the prior turnaround time to execute lien releases, all while meeting compliance standards even more efficiently," said Mike Wileman, president and CEO of Orion Financial Group, in a news release. "We've already received positive feedback from customers about how EOS provides improved tracking, data and images, as well as beneficial archiving capabilities. With EOS, a lien release could be executed in as little as two days after loan payoff."

Orion said EOS eliminates the need for mass photocopying, shipping and storage of documents involved in the lien release process.

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