Hansen Adds Fraud Prevention to Risk Management Tool

Fidelity National Information Services' Hansen Quality, a provider of collateral valuation and appraisal review products, has launched an automated fraud screening tool with a focus on identity fraud. This new product will help mortgage lenders and investors detect identity fraud and other intentional misrepresentation on new loans or on loans in existing portfolios.

With its fraud screening component, the HQ FraudID report searches over 70 potential risk indicators to determine the level of risk associated with each potential borrower. This includes multiple verification of the borrower's name or names, address, Social Security number, phone number, as well as other pertinent information.

The results of the verifications are summarized and assigned an Identity Fraud Score, which indicates the severity of risk factors detected for identity theft, intentional misrepresentation, fraud, or elevated credit risks.

In addition to providing the risk indicating scores, each HQ FraudID report provides details regarding the risk indicators used to calculate the scores, as well as information that, while not used in the scoring, may provide direction for further investigation. The report concludes with a specific recommendation for further due diligence needed to minimize losses associated with the subject transaction.

The HQ FraudID report is an automated solution, returning reports in minutes, and often seconds, at a cost similar to that of an AVM. While the information needed to place an order is minimal, it facilitates significant results. The required fields are borrower name, address (either the subject property or the borrower's residence), Social Security number and loan number. Additional input (date of birth, home and work phone numbers, driver's license number and home address) allows for more thorough screening.

The HQ Fraud Score rates risk on a scale similar to credit scores. Reports may be ordered individually through the website or in bulk via e-mail. Lenders and investors can minimize their fraud losses by auditing or performing due diligence on loans with the highest fraud scores.

Concurrently, Hansen Quality is also announcing Preview FP, which includes not only the HQ FraudID report but also Hansen Quality's industry-standard Preview collateral risk management report and ValueSure AVM. The HQ Collateral Score is based on multiple verification of risk indicators, including appraiser performance, areas review history, automated valuation models, previous subject valuations and regional economic risk indicators. By combining Preview's HQ Collateral Score with the HQ Identity Fraud Score, the HQ Fraud Score in Preview FP summarizes both of the subject areas critical to evaluating the risk of mortgage fraud in a single score.

"With mortgage fraud becoming such a serious and growing issue, the industry must take action to ensure the protection of financial institutions and consumers," said Greg Hansen, president of Hansen Quality, in a press release. "By incorporating fraud prevention screening into our Preview collateral risk assessment, we are providing lenders with the integrated tools necessary to minimize losses resulting from identity fraud and inflated valuations, while also helping to minimize the effects of identity theft on consumers."

Fidelity National Financial Inc., number 261 on the Fortune 500, is a provider of products and outsourced services and solutions to financial institutions and the real estate industry. FNF had total revenue of nearly $8.3 billion and earned more than $740 million in 2004, with cash flow from operations of nearly $1.2 billion for that same period. FNF is the nation's largest title insurance company, claiming nearly 31% national market share, and is also a provider of other specialty insurance products, including flood insurance, homeowners insurance and home warranty insurance.

Through its majority-owned subsidiary Fidelity National Information Services Inc., the company is a provider of technology solutions, processing services and information services to the financial services and real estate industries. FIS software processes nearly 50% of all U.S. residential mortgages. It has processing and technology relationships with 45 of the top 50 U.S. banks and more than 2,800 small and midsized U.S. financial institutions.

FIS also provides customized business process outsourcing related to aspects of the origination and management of mortgage loans to national lenders and servicers. FIS offers information services, including property data and real estate-related services that are used by lenders, mortgage investors and real estate professionals to complete residential real estate transactions.

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