The Nation's Top Five Residential Servicers: a Decade of Explosive Growth

(Dollars in Billions)

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Servicer Res. Serv. Res. Serv.

Name Yr-end '04 Yr-end '94

Countrywide $838 $110

Wells Fargo Home $782 $72

Washington Mutual (1) $772 n/a

Chase Home $563 $64

CitiMortgage $364 $44

(part 2 of 2)

Servicer % Change Charter

Name Over 10 Years Type

Countrywide 662% bank

Wells Fargo Home 986% bank

Washington Mutual (1) n/a S&L

Chase Home 779% bank

CitiMortgage 727% bank

Notes: Firms ranked by housing receivables (servicing rights) at year-end 2004. (1) MSN began collecting servicing figures a decade ago but had no information on WaMu in 1994. Over the past decade every firm among the top five, with the exception of Countrywide, has been a buyer of other firms or a merger partner with others.

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