Street Firms & Their Platforms

(Dollars in Millions)

Street Servicing Non-Conf. Housing

Firm Affiliate Receivables

Citigroup CitiFinancial $55,227

Lehman Bros. Aurora Loan (AA) $48,393

Wachovia Homeq Servicing $39,129

CSFB (1) Select Port. Serv. $23,703

C-BASS (e) Litton Loan Service $14,000

Bear Stearns (e) EMC Mortgage $11,300

Merrill Lynch Wilshire Credit $8,798

TOTALS: $200,547

Note: Firms ranked by non-conforming (subprime, alt-A, scratch and dent and so on) receivables at Sept. 30, 2004. (1) CSFB has agreed to buy SPS but the deal has not yet closed. (AA) Firm focuses mostly on 'alt-A' mortgages. (e) Estimate

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