Texas Mortgage Bankers Host Servicing Conference

The Texas Mortgage Bankers Association recently hosted a loan servicing workshop in Dallas that drew more than 250 industry participants, the TMBA said.

Attendance was so strong that the original meeting space proved too small and new meeting space had to be found. In addition to servicing personnel based in Texas, some participants came from as far away as Georgia, Maryland and South Carolina.

"There has been a void of education programs for mortgage loan servicers in our market, and TMBA could fill that void by coordinating a servicing workshop," said Joe Farr, TMBA president, in a news release. "We also had attendees from 'soon-to-be member' companies wanting to join TMBA."

The workshop featured more than 25 panelists who discussed subjects such as the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, mortgage title policy endorsements, bankruptcy, manufactured housing, foreclosure and home-equity lines of credit. Attendees also received a conference notebook with materials from many of the panelists.

"This workshop was an attempt at expanding the educational opportunities for the hands-on personnel in our industry," said Lisa Vercher, TMBA executive vice president. "The success of this event gives us a real opportunity to make this an annual education event for Texas servicing personnel."

She said the TMBA is already considering conducting another servicing workshop in 2006. She said the workshop would again be in Dallas because some of the largest servicing personnel are located in the Dallas area.

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