TFH Uses VOIP to Automate Delinquency Management

Delinquency management company TFH here recently upgraded to a VOIP platform to more effectively apply its best practices expertise to better serve the mortgage industry.

"We've recently upgraded our platform so it's almost entirely VOIP," said TFH CEO Louis Summe. "By doing this we are able to increase the sound quality of the call. Also, by moving to a VOIP platform we're able to remove a lot of the technical and capacity limitation constraints.

"For example, we can make 10,000 simultaneous calls through one data port, whereas with a legacy you're dealing with one port per phone call," he said. "What that means is if your call center has a surge in traffic you don't have to worry about any capacity constraints."

The system is Web hosted by TFH and the servicer can pass the company their list of delinquency calls to automate the process. In addition, the company's TeleCollector application has a control panel that allows the user to enter their rules into the system and customize the process.

"Our control center allows the customer to allocate how many operators are available, the number of simultaneous calls that they want to generate and TeleCollector graphs the number of transfers to show the user the results," said Mr. Summe. "The basic idea is that the client wants to keep their agents busy but not too busy because customer satisfaction suffers."

To make the process even more transparent, hold times are highlighted in red to let the servicer adjust accordingly. Technology aside, TFH also sells its knowledge of the delinquency space when selling its product.

"Unlike our competitors we focus exclusively on delinquency management," said Mr. Summe. "We bring best practices expertise along with the application so we don't do a lot of outbound messaging campaigns. For example, we don't do marketing calls because in order to truly address delinquencies you really have to fine-tune the product for that purpose.

"We talk to the mortgage professionals about the productivity benefits that they can experience with us," he continued. "A lot of the delinquency management calls that they make are routine. When you make your first round of calls on your late payers a lot of them just need to be reminded and will send that money out pretty quickly so you don't need to use your agents as much for those types of calls.

"We tell our customers that they need to call their early delinquencies right away to stop them from becoming late delinquencies, but you don't need an agent to do that," Mr. Summe concluded. "Also from a personal standpoint, a lot of the time the people that you're calling appreciate that they don't have to talk to a live person because it's an embarrassing phone call. So we can streamline the process, automate it and keep the servicer connected."

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