Advanced Call Center Helps Loan Protector Manage Volume

Loan Protector Insurance Services, by implementing new call-center technology to boost efficiency, has been able to handle increases in both inbound and outbound call volume without adding staff.

Loan Protector, an outsourcer of customized mortgage insurance tracking and verification programs, experienced a significant increase in call volume within the past year, which precipitated the need to develop a state-of-the-art call center, the company said.

Without increasing staff size, the company said the new center has been able to manage an 18% increase in call volume and maintain superior customer service.

During the past year, Loan Protector created and maintained detailed processes, specific job instructions and informative scripts to help improve the efficiency and quality with which each call is answered. The center has quality controls in place to ensure that information furnished is consistently updated and accurate.

Additionally, a long-term, quality-control system was implemented to measure each representative's performance against a set of standards to point out any deficiencies in training and ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of the call center.

Ron Wiser, president of Loan Protector, estimates that each call-center representative will have more than 25,000 contacts with the company's clients during the course of a year.

"The success of our business depends on our ability to make sure our client's customers receive quality service and that all of their questions or needs are met promptly and with the utmost professional courtesy. We continually review and update our call-center programs and systems to ensure we are delivering the best possible customer service."

In an e-mail interview, Mr. Wiser said the call center uses an Avaya BCMS Vu operating system for call routing and call management to ensure callers are routed to a live representative as quickly as possible.

Loan Protector said the new call center has helped to achieve a 92.3% service level over the past 12 months, meaning that each incoming call was answered in less than 90 seconds and the call center experienced less than a 1% abandon rate.

Inbound calls typically are from borrowers and insurance agents who have received letters requesting proof of hazard or flood insurance. Loan Protector also installed custom booths to control background noise and improve productivity.

Mr. Wiser said Loan Protector has "far exceeded" the goals it had established for the call center.

As part of a 90-day training period, each call-center employee initially receives a three-week training session in Loan Protector's data entry department to familiarize them with the various types of insurance and forms used in the industry, as well as with the company's proprietary tracking software, EasyTrack.

Then representatives are navigated through the company's quality-control system.

Loan Protector has a major foothold in the market with lenders that manage portfolios of up to 100,000 loans, and Mr. Wiser is confident that the company has the capacity to serve larger servicers as well.

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