CUNA Will Get Access To Insurance Tracking

A custom interface developed by Loan Protector Insurance Services here, an outsource provider of insurance tracking and verification programs, with the Fidelity Mortgage Servicing Package is helping CUNA Mutual Mortgage Corp. more effectively service its loan portfolio.

Using the interface, CUNA Mutual Mortgage, a provider of financial services to credit unions and their members, has the ability to view ongoing insurance reports. The bidirectional interface allows Loan Protector to stay current with changes to mortgage portfolios, while keeping MSP current with the latest insurance information, including policy updates and premium bills. Loan Protector automates much of the tracking process and reduces the level of involvement needed from lenders, allowing them to focus time and resources on other areas of strategic importance.

"Prior to implementing this interface, we processed bills manually and stored paper for long periods of time - it was an arduous task," said Darlene Ellingson, insurance department supervisor of CUNA Mutual Mortgage. "Our business process is more efficient now because we have real-time access to insurance documents through Loan Protector's secure website. We can view summarized reports, add an insurance payee and use the payee for a renewal disbursement in one day - that is something we could not do prior to the interface."

Loan Protector sorts, identifies, prioritizes, images, stores and destroys all of CUNA Mutual Mortgage's incoming mail. Additio-nally, Loan Protector manages daily and monthly report logs of member calls and handles letter requests made by insurance companies and members, significantly reducing the amount of time and resources CUNA has to dedicate to this task, the company said.

"Even with increasing volume, we are able to maintain staff levels due to Loan Protector's call center, which significantly helps with incoming mail and outbound calling," Ms. Ellingson said.

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