Stewart Subsidiary Broadens Title Footprint

REIData Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp. here, has introduced SearchManager, an integrated, interactive Web-based title search application with Florida coverage, now available through PropertyInfo.com.

SearchManager provides Web access to all data needed for a thorough title search - chain of title, Patriot Act database, liens, geospatial, document images and tax records - plus a user interface that standardizes and simplifies the title search process. Interactive management tools allow users to initiate multiple searches on a subject property, track orders, review, arrange and customize search results, and request document images.

The application integrates data from various counties in a standardized way, making it easier and quicker to train staff and adopt the product into daily workflow.

"SearchManager makes the whole process more intuitive for the less-experienced examiner," says Robert Alcala, senior vice president of REIData. "This standardized system empowers junior examiners to handle more complex cases with organized efficiency."

SearchManager's Web interface allows users to expand search criteria and then combine select data into a single customizable title search report.

"The user interface is a unique SearchManager feature that gives the researcher more control," says Butch Lecocq, REIData title products manager. "Users can query different date ranges, additional names or types of documents, then combine selected data from all these searches into a single, tabular-formatted report that forms the basis for prelims and commitments."

Data coverage now includes 90% of the major metropolitan areas in Florida. REIData has aggressive expansion plans in 2005 to include major population centers in California, Illinois and Arizona.

"It has been my dream to have a title search vehicle that serves all the major urban centers in Florida," said Harold Hickman, Stewart Title region manager and SearchManager user. "I refer to it as my 'mega-plant' concept.

"I wanted the system to be standardized across all counties," he added. "We tried to jumpstart this concept many times over the past several years - first as a manual plant and then with technology, but nothing ever materialized.

"Now, through REIData and PropertyInfo.com, the dream is coming to life with SearchManager's standardized, user-friendly, Internet-based plant index and document image system," said Mr. Hickman. "This system requires less training, and will help us improve turn time, lower costs and increase our market share."

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