ARC Signs E-Recording Deal with Affiliated Computer Services

Rekon Technologies, a software provider of lien release and reconveyance processing software, said that its sister company, American Release Corp., has signed an agreement with Affiliated Computer Services to electronically record lien releases using the Rekon system.

Affiliated Computer Services, a Fortune 500 company with more than 50,000 employees, provides business process and information technology outsourcing solutions to commercial and government clients.

"Electronic recording is the future of our industry," said Larry Roberts, president of American Release Corp., Branson, Mo.

"Eliminating paper means more than just reducing paperwork. It means reducing or eliminating fat files that ere expensive to store and ship. It means reducing or eliminating the slow response time in recording paper documents, waiting for them to come back in the mail, or being blind-sided by a rejection, weeks after the lien release or reconveyance was mailed to the recorder. With electronic recording, we will know within hours whether or not the lien release was accepted, therefore reducing turnaround time from weeks to days, even hours."

American Release Corp. is an established outsource provider for the mortgage industry. Utilizing the Rekon system, American Release Corp. provides a low-cost alternative for the preparation of lien releases and assignments.

"The beauty of the ACS-Rekon e-recording interface is that it provides many reconveyance departments, like ARC's, the ability to electronically submit documents efficiently and securely, while maintaining their existing lien release paper process," said Aurora Marsh, executive vice president of Rekon Technologies.

She said users of the Rekon technology can license the software and use it in-house relying upon their own staff, or they can outsource the entire process to ARC, which also uses the Rekon technology.

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