Orion Says ACS Partnership Builds E-Recording Volume

Orion Financial Group here, a document services provider, said its alliance with ACS to facilitate electronic recording has resulted in a substantial increase in electronically recorded documents.

By the beginning of August, Orion had e-recorded more than 4,000 documents for the year, the company said. That's up from 3,300 in all of 2004. Orion said the electronic recordings were completed at no additional cost to the company's clients.

The alliance gives Orion access to ACS's Electronic Recordation Exchange, known as eRX, which is an Internet-based service that connects organizations that record documents with counties to facilitate electronic recording of land records.

Orion said use of the ACS system increases quality control and data integrity in the process, as well as increasing speed.

Currently, Orion conducts e-recording in 25 heavily populated counties.

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