Safeguard, USFN Share Knowledge

Mortgage loan field service provider Safeguard Properties here is beefing up its networking by teaching classes across the country to industry professionals. The company's crusade to educate industry professionals about new methods to preserve Department of Housing and Urban Development properties has grown into a busy conference schedule and growing name recognition in the mortgage industry.

The 15-year-old company that markets itself as the nation's largest privately held field services company, was granted the opportunity to host the first extended HUD property preservation session at the USFN National Default Servicing Seminar and Technology Forum this summer. The session focused on changes to HUD's management and marketing contracts.

The USFN, an organization also known as America's Mortgage Banking Attorneys - extended the HUD seminar during the conference from 90 minutes the previous year to two full hours. During the extended time Safeguard had an opportunity to share expertise, discuss the impact marketing and management contract changes, and explain servicers' responsibilities on the industry.

Alberta Hultman, executive director of the USFN, said the organization extended the seminar due to the feedback from participants asking for more time to ask questions and gather information.

"Our National Seminars are formatted so we can do extra seminars if we need to communicate more information. We thought the property preservation seminar would be a good place to expand," She said. " Safeguard is a member of the USFN, and we like to encourage our members to contribute information to the other members. Robert Kline is an expert in the field. We often check with him to make sure our information is accurate and up to date."

Safeguard is also sharing the information it has on its website, making the recordings of the sessions available at Safegardproperties.com.

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