AFN Adds Members To Attorney Network

The American Legal & Financial Network has added 13 attorney-trustee members and eight associate members to its network.

The new attorney-trustee members are Gerner & Kearns Co. servicing Kentucky and Ohio; Shapiro & Burson, serving Maryland and Virginia; Doonan, Graves & Longoria, serving Maine; Stein & Sheidlower, serving New York; Finkel & Altman, serving South Carolina; Shapiro & Kirsch, serving Tennessee; Brock & Scott, serving Tennessee; Draper & Goldberg, serving West Virginia; Little & Drantel, serving New Mexico; Keith D. Weiner & Associates, serving Ohio; Shuping, Morse & Ross, serving Georgia; South & Associates, serving Kansas & Missouri; and Peter M. Schneiderman & Associates, serving Michigan.

The new associate members are ACEX, ACIES Media, Eagle Vision Communications, NetDirector, Servicing Management, The Mercury Alliance: Vendome Group and Williams & Williams.

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