Katrina Sparks Training For Field Service Work

Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing floods in Louisiana have sparked the nation's largest privately held field services firm to educate field service vendors about issues raised by the storm.

Safeguard Properties here in September was hosting a series of conference calls and sending out advisories to keep field service contractors abreast of information relating to the storm damage and the field work needs that will result.

Safeguard, a provider of property preservation, inspections, valuations, title, hazard insurance claims and repairs, and REO/asset management services, has already established itself as a source of training and information for the field service industry.

The company hosted its second annual vendor conference in late July and early August in Cleveland. The conference is an educational forum designed to open the lines of communication between Safeguard's contractors and clients as well as to education the mortgage field services industry about investor/insurer compliance issues that the industry faces.

More than 300 contractors, inspectors and servicers attended the conference this year. Also participating were investors and code compliance officials from cities across the nation.

Robert Klein, Safeguard's CEO, said the conference was an ideal place to learn about rules and regulations that servicers have to comply with and to discuss critical issues in the property preservation field.

Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell opened the conference with a welcome to attendees, noting the importance of their services to improving communities.

"The conference solidified the notion that Safeguard and its contractors and inspectors aren't independent entities, but a team," he said.

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