CampusMBA Launches New Web-Based Instruction

CampusMBA, the educational arm of the Mortgage Bankers Association, has unveiled a series of online courses that come with a professor.

Rather than relying totally on automated instruction, with programs that perform like an interactive text book, the new instructor-led online courses increase the human interaction between students and course leaders.

CampusMBA said the instructor-led online courses were created in response to student feedback. The new courses are designed for students who want to combine the benefit from the assistance and expertise of a seasoned professional and teacher with the convenience of taking the course online.

Instructors facilitate the courses and provide individual feedback to homework assignments and discussion board questions. Students are expected to participate in all activities and assignments as well as pass a final exam.

"Traditionally, students taking online courses offered by CampusMBA were able to complete the coursework at their own pace and had access to an industry expert when they had questions," said Dan Thoms, vice president of education for the MBA. "The instructor-led courses provide students with more structure and classroom interaction while continuing the ease and accessibility offered by online courses."

Each course will be taught by a subject-matter expert who is often a certified mortgage banker, the highest designation in the mortgage industry. The first set of instructor-led courses focus on government housing programs, such as the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Affairs home loan guarantee program.

Courses geared toward helping CMB candidates prepare for their written exam also are being offered.

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