Survey Finds Labor Market Still Difficult

Robert Half International and Careerbuilder.com have released a new study on labor and compensation trends finding that many job seekers believe the market is more difficult today than it was a year ago. Just under half of workers polled said they face a more challenging job market today than a year ago.

But hiring managers also said they face a difficult market, with 32% of managers saying it was difficult to find qualified job candidates today than a year ago.

Skilled professionals are particularly sought after for finance and accounting positions, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, employee turnover remains stable in most fields. Some three-quarters of managers reported taking little action to retain their current team members.

Employees, however, seem to be looking for the exits. Twenty-eight percent of workers said they are currently looking for a new job and 47% said they expect to do so within the next three years.


Employees who say job market is difficult 49%

Employees who say they are looking for a new job 28%

Employees who plan to change jobs within five years 47%

Source: Robert Half/Careerbuilder.com

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