2013 Mortgage Technology Awards Nomination

The 14th Annual Mortgage Technology Awards recognize innovative technology developers and users that are promoting more efficient and cost-effective lending practices.

The Mortgage Technology Awards have a long tradition in the mortgage finance and technology industries for recognizing innovative technology developers and users that are promoting more efficient and cost-effective lending practices. In its 14th year, the awards are among the most coveted in the industry.

Mortgage Technology will present 12 awards in 2013, including one new award—the Servicing Trailblazer Award. There is a $395 fee per entry to apply for a Mortgage Technology Award.

Companies are allowed to nominate themselves, but are restricted to applying for a maximum of two categories per year. The nomination deadline is 6 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 18.

The nomination form is below. Here are some tips for a successful Mortgage Technology Awards nomination:

  • Each category has a unique question list tailored to gather the information most pertinent to that award.
  • Take note of the maximum characters, including spaces, allowed in each entry box. Avoid using special characters like bullet points and em dashes that count as extra characters.
  • Prepare concise, clear and specific answers to each question. Nominees are strongly encouraged to prepare and save their responses in a word processor program, rather than write responses directly in the Web form. Be sure to copy and paste plain text (without formatting) into the nomination form.
  • The larger entry boxes can accept hard returns for paragraph breaks in a response.
  • Unless noted, nominees must respond to all questions.

The finalists and winners for 11 of the award categories will be determined by a panel comprised of Mortgage Technology’s editorial staff and announced in August. The panel will adhere to the same strict standards of objectivity and unbiased conduct that dictate the editorial process in all SourceMedia publications.

The finalists will be invited to SourceMedia’s New York City headquarters to participate in a video interview. The videos and winning finalists will be revealed at the Mortgage Technology Awards ceremony on Sunday, Oct. 27 in Washington, D.C.

Lenders' Choice Award

The mortgage companies named to Mortgage Technology’s Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers list will select the finalists and winner of the Lenders’ Choice Award.

Mortgage Technology will soon begin accepting nominations for this year’s list of the Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers. After that list is revealed in the Aug. 19 issue of National Mortgage News, the awards judges will conduct a survey of the winners, asking them to rank the top three technology providers that offer their organization the best customer service, value proposition and overall user experience.

The judges will assign a points value to the lender/servicer rankings. The vendor ranked first will receive three points, the second-place vendor will receive two points and third place will receive one. The point totals for each vendor will be counted and the top three points-earners will be named the finalists ahead of the Mortgage Technology Awards ceremony. The winner will be the finalist with the highest combined points total and revealed at the awards ceremony.

In addition to the Oct. 27 Mortgage Technology Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C., all of the winners and finalists will be featured in a special edition of Mortgage Technology that will be published as a supplement to the Oct. 28 issue of National Mortgage News.

The nomination deadline for the Mortgage Technology Awards is 6 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 18. Please contact mtnominations@sourcemedia.com for any additional information.

The 12 Mortgage Technology Award categories are described below. To complete a nomination, select an award category from the drop-down menu below:

2013 Mortgage Technology Award Categories

10X Award
The 10X Award honors a company, product or technology that’s had an exponential impact on mortgage finance.

Fix-It Award
The Fix-It Award recognizes technology that provides an effective solution to a specific industry problem, need or channel.

Green Lender Award
The Green Lender Award acknowledges a lender that uses technology to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices in the mortgage industry.

Harnessing Mobile Award
The Harnessing Mobile Award commends the development and implementation of mobile technology in the mortgage industry.

Lasting Impact Award
The Lasting Impact Award honors an individual, group or company responsible for a technology initiative or development proven to have an enduring influence that’s transformed mortgage finance.

Lenders’ Choice Award
The Lenders’ Choice Award commends the technology provider that offers the best customer service, value proposition and overall user experience. The winner is selected by the lenders and servicers named to the Top Tech-Savvy Lenders and Servicers list.

Online Originator Award
The Online Originator Award acknowledges a lender that has demonstrated a commitment to using Web-based technologies to generate borrower leads and convert them into closed loans.

Release of the Year Award
The Release of the Year Award recognizes a new software, platform, alliance or initiative that’s expected to have the broadest future impact on the mortgage industry.

Servicing Trailblazer Award (New for 2013!)
The Servicing Trailblazer Award acknowledges a servicer or vendor initiative, product or platform that uses technology to optimize mortgage portfolio management and ensures efficient communication with borrowers, investors and the mortgage servicing support industry.

Steve Fraser Visionary Award
The Steve Fraser Visionary Award is a lifetime achievement award that honors the accomplishments of an outstanding mortgage technology innovator, visionary or evangelizer.

Synergy Award
The Synergy Award commends technology initiatives and alliances that encourage the integration of software and processes to promote automation, efficiency and broad mortgage industry use.

Transforming Valuations Award
The Transforming Valuations Award recognizes a technology advancement in the appraisal, broker price opinion or automated valuation sectors.