Financial Firms Have Tight Grip on Content Marketing

There is room for programs to be refined. Credit : © Ivelin Radkov - Fotolia.com

Given the heavy regulations they face, banking and financial services marketers have a tighter grip over their content marketing creation and topical planning, according to IMN’s second annual multi-industry survey in this area.

IMN found that 56% of banking and financial services respondents had a content marketing editorial calendar in place to guide content creation and all respondents from this vertical cited content as being internally developed.

The Waltham, Mass.-based digital marketing company polled marketers to better understand the current state of their content marketing programs including the structure, goals and challenges, and how these programs fit into their overarching marketing strategies.

Overall, more respondents said they are putting content marketing programs in place. More than three quarters said they are somewhat familiar or very familiar with content marketing (up 13% from the previous survey) and almost half had a formal content marketing program in place.

IMN’s website notes “Content is critical because it reinforces your brand, your company and your people as trusted advisors.”

But while content marketing has become a priority, what companies budget for it does not reflect its importance, IMN said. While 90% said it was a medium or high priority, under half admitted it represented less than 10% of the overall marketing budget.

“It is encouraging to see more and more marketers understanding content marketing and putting formalized programs in place, however, the survey uncovered that there is a lot of room for the programs to mature and be further refined,” said Craig Fitzgerald, editorial director, IMN.

“Putting channel-specific strategies in place, having adequate resources to develop content that marketers will be proud of and utilizing basic program tools, such as editorial calendars, are key for marketers to work on as they fine-tune their content marketing programs.”