LoyaltyExpress Offers 5.0 Version of CRM Software

Updated features include a new user interface and corporate branding functions. Credit: © thinglass - Fotolia.com

Customer relationship management and marketing automation provider LoyaltyExpress, Woburn, Mass., has released the fifth generation of its CRM platform, CustomerManager, making it available on a subscription basis.

“Demands for lead management with extensive direct mail and email marketing integration have been answered,” with the 5.0 version of the platform, CEO Jeff Doyle said. “Corporate marketing administrators and loan officers are now able to create fully branded and compliant automated marketing campaigns for each element of the retail mortgage sales process.”

According to the company, improvements to the existing system include a new user interface and corporate branding functions.

It also was designed to provide feed delivery and list upload support for corporate-wide lead distribution or placement within individual loan officer’s prospect database as well as customizable lead status definitions per lead type. This includes the ability to attach phone scripts and documentation for specific lead sources.

According to LoyaltyExpress, “Leads can be manually entered into the system by a corporate administrator and distributed across the enterprise or fed into the system for specific groups, users or via round-robin assignment. Automated marketing programs can also be deployed based on lead type or the stage of the leads in the sales process. When leads are entered into the system, entries are automatically created in each loan officer’s calendar to remind them of specific obligations and deadlines.”

Users can access lead disposition from the home page and contact records and there are expanded contact record fields for prospects, customers and partners. Both email and direct mail communications are available as part of the overall lead management process.