Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) Earns Inc.’s Hire Power Award—Recognized for Strengthening the Economy

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) was recently recognized for its contribution to creating more American jobs; the high number of employees hired in the past three years landed them a spot on the 2012 Inc. Hire Power Awards.

(Palm Harbor, FL)  February 27, 2013 – With the unemployment rate in the United States dropping to the lowest it has been in almost four years at 7.8 percent, it’s no surprise that Inc. Magazine distinguishes businesses who have helped to make that happen (1).  In December, 2012, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., (NTC), a leading post-closing services provider for the residential mortgage industry, was awarded a spot on Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Hire Power Awards.

Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Hire Power Awards celebrates the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the United States that have been working towards rebuilding the economy by putting Americans back to work.  Based in Palm Harbor and founded in 1991, NTC is a service provider for eight of the 10 largest residential mortgage servicers in the country.

Recent jobs have been added in account management, web development, data processing and entry level positions, and it is NTC’s proprietary technology systems implemented over the years that have been a major factor in employee count and revenue earned.  Client demand for the company’s services nationwide has grown, and NTC created more jobs to handle the increasing workload.  The 2012 statistics include:

●   Three-year growth of 85%

●   315 employees total

●   136 new jobs added in the previous three years

The company currently has over 325 local employees, and that number continues to grow.  They continue to work on perfecting their systems, such as lien releases, which occur when loans are paid off through refinancing or home sales.  This process helps to ensure accurate land records by removing paid-in-full mortgages from public record.  

Through NTC’s efforts to help lower the unemployment rate while delivering quality services to their industry, is it evident why they are listed amongst companies such as GoDaddy.com and Chobani on the 2012 Hire Power Awards.  NTC earned the #7 spot on Inc.’s Hire Power Awards in their industry (real estate).

 Local Economic Boom

 NTC recently embraced Employ1 Tampa Bay, an economic initiative promoting businesses in the area to help improve employment in the region.  The initiative promotes that if each of the approximate 116,000 companies in the Tampa Bay area were to hire at least one employee, that would put around 116,000 residents to work.  So far, Tampa Bay companies have added 2,425 jobs and are still working to hire more people every day (2).

 NTC also won the Tampa Bay Times’ Top Workplaces two years in a row, proving that their drive for excellence is geared towards employees, not just customers.

 “We strive to employ hard-working and dedicated individuals in our area who can contribute to NTC, our clients and the industry,” commented Hillman.  “It has been a rewarding experience to see the economic growth we have helped foster for both Tampa Bay and the nation.”

 NTC plans to continue to hire as the business grows, and as NTC hires more employees, their community service work increases, as every employee has the opportunity to help volunteer within the various charities with which NTC works on a regular basis.

 “Hiring more employees means higher corporate social responsibility,” Hillman commented.  “Our volunteer activities are very important to us.”

For more information on Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., visit www.nwtc.com.

 About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:

 Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, and founded in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is a privately-owned leading service provider to the residential mortgage industry, serving mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, including eight of the top 10 residential mortgage servicers in the country.  NTC earned the position of #2,730 on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, ranking #36 in Tampa and #46 in the real estate industry.  The company’s land records and document experts are able to track and fulfill county document requirements for close to 3,600 recording jurisdictions nationwide.  NTC specializes in providing land records research, lien release services, assignment services, final document tracking, document retrieval and other custom business solutions.  For more information, visit the company’s website at www.nwtc.com.

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