NOVO Appraisal Management Launches New Automated Appraisal Underwriting Tool

Everyone in the mortgage industry knows that appraisals take time. They are one of the factors that make residential mortgage turn-around times slower than they need to be.  In this age of increased regulations and record levels of mortgage applications, efficiency and speed are essential. NOVO Appraisal Management has developed a new tool that is about to change expectations entirely.

NOVO Appraisal Management, one of the nation’s fastest growing appraisal management companies, is unveiling a new proprietary Automated Appraisal Underwriting (AAU) tool that can significantly cut the time needed to review appraisals. The AAU makes it possible to identify problems and deficiencies in the processing of an appraisal on the front end where they can be addressed and cleared promptly.

NOVO’s Automated Appraisal Underwriting (AAU) uses algorithms, an automated rules-based engine, and underwriting logic to highlight areas that may be of concern to a lender. The underwriter simply has to focus on problem areas rather than having to review the entire appraisal.  This provides a first-level comprehensive review of the appraisal allowing the underwriter to have plenty of time to clear all issues prior to funding. 

The release of the new AAU tool is timely given the lender’s need to gain efficiency while still limiting their exposure to risk.  Tom Hutchens, President of NOVO, explains, “The AAU tool simply makes everyone involved in the appraisal process more efficient and the lender more confident in their collateral decisions. We expect this tool to dramatically increase the ability of our clients to close loans.”

Mark Lively, EVP of Credit Risk and Operations at AmeriSave Mortgage and a NOVO customer says, “We’ve been test piloting this system for the past 90 days and this is the best appraisal underwriting tool we’ve seen in the industry to reduce underwriting time and cut down on human errors. It’s really a game-changer for us.”

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