The Excitement of Exhibiting at REOMAC

After two years of being REOMACís president and serving a total of eight years on the REOMAC board of directors, I was relieved but also apprehensive when my term as president was over.

I enjoyed the networking and planning for an association and I wasnít sure what to do next. Along came a great opportunity to work for an association about, by and for women in the default industry and Women in Default Services was created.

Finally, as executive director of WinDS, I thought I could simply relax and not work so hard at a REOMAC conference. I guess I was living in a fantasy world. The time was ideal to introduce WinDS to the REOMAC attendees, so having an exhibit booth was the perfect answer. With all the energy and excitement that I had experienced as a REOMAC board member, I knew I could channel that into WinDS. For anyone that has never had an exhibit booth at a conference, it is a great experience, and one that is both rewarding and exhausting. Those of you that have exhibited at a conference, you know how much time and energy goes into each day of working that booth. And for those of us that love to speak to people, well, this is the place to be.

It is so important to keep your name and face in front of the industry. Things are always changing so quickly, and new faces and businesses are popping up every day. To stay on the radar, you must have a presence. Exhibiting at a conference, not only gets your company or product exposure, it gives you, the exhibitor, a chance to meet and network with the attendees.

There were over 1,700 attendees at the REOMAC Spring Conference in Palm Springs, Calif. What a fabulous way to reach so many of your peers in the default industry. I met attendees that I have known for many years that were surprised to hear about my new adventure. I also made new contacts and what I hope will be the start of new friendships. This time, I actually made it to the opening session of the conference. I listened to Ivan Choiís opening remarks, and heard Ben Stein speak, then scooted back to the exhibit booth.

For three days, I never stopped talking about the association and the incredible members that had joined the group. When you are passionate and excited about something the energy is felt by everyone around you. Of course, by the end of each day, I was ready to go to my room and just relax. My voice had waned, and I needed to recharge my batteries. But by the same token, I was so excited and energized by meeting everyone that sleep was not on the agenda. While my husband was off networking, I sat working on Suduko puzzles, clearing my head from all the chatter of the day. After a few hours of sleep, it was back to the exhibit hall and the start of a new day. It was time for more networking, more talking and more introductions were made.

When all was said and done, we enrolled many new members. We also spoke to many women that will be joining WinDS in the next few weeks. The contacts I made are extraordinary, and the members of WinDS will benefit highly from those contacts.

The other founding members of WinDS worked with me in the exhibit booth and we all had such a good time together. Marla Webb, Shelia Blockson, Arna Freedman and Shelley Kaye, four WinDS, generating power, setting directions, shaping futures. Several of our members also worked in the booth, and it gave them the same opportunity and experience to meet and network with the conference attendees.

While I did not have the chance to attend most of the conference sessions, my experience as an exhibitor was rewarding and exciting. I am sure that one day in the near future, you will find me at another conference working in the WinDS exhibit booth. Shelley Kaye is the former president of REOMAC and now serves at the executive director of WinDS.