Alliance Launched to Increase Interaction Between Servicers, Code Enforcement Officials

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services, working in collaboration with Lender Processing Services, has launched a new tool called Alliance that complies with code enforcement requirements.

Alliance, which began on May 1, will facilitate and streamline communication and collaboration between local code enforcement officials and national field services providers for the mortgage servicing industry. The tool will provide code enforcement officials an opportunity to communicate directly with field service companies who are responsible for the preservation and protection of more than 74% of delinquent properties nationwide.

“LPS realized from its experiences in code enforcement outreach that NAMFS was the perfect independent platform to broaden and deepen efforts at working with local code enforcement professionals to solve vacant property problems,” said Eric Miller, executive director of NAMFS. “Alliance allows for a cooperative exchange of information that enables all parties involved to connect via a common platform and share information before engaging in a lengthy and potentially expensive violation recording and remediation process.”

By using Alliance, code enforcement officials can register and input property-specific information such as code-related issues, potential fines for matters that violate enforcement requirements that are not addressed and supporting comments for “at-risk” issues pertaining to vacant properties.

NAMFS participating members receive this information in real time and have two decisions to make. The member can either review the violations issued to them and initiate contact with an appropriate code enforcement officer by the next business day, or indicate they do not service the property.

The Web-based tool is free to both local code enforcement and participating national providers.

“Since the first code enforcement summit in February 2009, LPS has continued to routinely bring together local code enforcement and field services companies for the purposes of education and, more importantly, the establishment of communication to resolve local issues,” said Rob Hicks, first vice president of industry relations at LPS. “This unified industry effort not only demonstrates the level of collaboration and cooperation at LPS’ code enforcement summits, but also provides local code enforcement officials with a free, powerful and efficient management tracking tool.”