KDX Ventures to Sell HUD Portfolio

KDX Ventures plans to sell $142 million in multifamily loans for the Department of Housing and Urban Development on April 27.

The HUD portfolio consists of 18 multifamily loans, ranging from $1.7 million to $17.4 million. The collateral is located in 10 states throughout the country, with the majority being in Texas.

 Investors will have an opportunity to bid on an individual loan or on predetermined pools of loans.

“This HUD portfolio consists mostly of loans collateralized by newer or recently renovated multifamily properties,” said Kingsley Greenland, CEO for DebtX. “Investors have noted the increasing quality of HUD collateral over the past few multifamily portfolio offerings. There has been a corresponding increase in the breadth and depth of the bidding pool.”

KDX Ventures is a partnership between DebtX, a loan-sale advisor for commercial, consumer and specialty finance debt, and KEMA Advisors is an investment banking firm that assists clients in the management and disposition of real estate loans, commercial loans and other corporate assets.