Marion County Foreclosed Properties Now Available Online

Retrieving the list of foreclosed properties up for sale in Marion County, Ind. just became easier through an enhanced online service developed in partnership by Local Government Online Indiana and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The online real estate application allows citizens and businesses the opportunity to download the sheriff’s sales and sold lists of properties available for auction within the county. Each year thousands of properties are sold through the Marion County sheriff’s sale list, the office said, with the majority comprising of residential properties.

There are three options for interested homebuyers to download the list of foreclosed properties: first, the “full list” includes plaintiff, township, sale number, judgment amount and address of the property; the “short list” features township, sale number and address; and lastly is the sold list that tells you the township, sold price, address, sale number and purchaser’s name..

More than 880 lists have been downloaded using the enhanced online service this year, with list prices ranging from just over $4 to $14.

“Our office wants to make it easier for families to move into these homes,” said John Layton, sheriff of Marion County. “We are very pleased that this partnership with Logo Indiana makes home shopping more efficient for potential homebuyers.”