ProGreen Properties to Use Solar Roofs

ProGreen Properties Inc. has signed a letter of intent to use SolTech Energy Sweden AB solar technology and products for the roofs of its housing market.

The Birmingham, Mich.-based company that acquires, remodels and upgrades residential real estate into more energy-efficient, modern comfortable living spaces that exceed the normal standards for single-family, condominiums and apartments, plans to commence an in-depth evaluation and analysis relating to the prospect of introducing the Swedish company’s clean solar power product to ProGreen Properties.

SolTech’s solar technology is unique because the south-facing part of a roof or wall can become a gigantic thermal solar panel. The house-warming tiles gives roofs an icy appearance and are placed under glass roof tiles to create or maintain an aesthetically appealing look to the building.

Due to the large size of the technology, massive amounts of energy can be generated, which substantially reduces the cost of energy for heating, as well as the cost of hot water.

An additional feature that SolTech is developing is a system that will be able to produce electricity from the same thermal solar energy source when surplus energy is produced, such as heating during the summer when it is not needed.

The dual use of the sun as an energy source in one system is expected to be higher compared to other solar energy solutions, resulting in greater financial returns and improvements to the environment.

“We are very excited about this first step towards this new opportunity for ProGreen, as it could not only result in ProGreen implementing a new unique solar application to future real estate projects, but also open the door to possibly creating an independent solar division of ProGreen, once the concept has been proven on our own properties,” said Jan Telander, CEO of ProGreen Properties Inc.