Mortgage Contracting Services Initiates Vendor eLearning Portal

REO maintenance and inspections provider Mortgage Contracting Services has launched a new online platform to educate its contracted employees more effectively about how to do their jobs correctly and new regulations that go into effect.

Through the Vendor eLearning Portal, vendors will have 24-hour access to educational modules and various reference documents to further enhance their knowledge of preservation guidelines as well as compliance topics.

The Tampa, Fla.-based mortgage services provider previously conducted all vendor learning opportunities through live roundtable discussions and webinars. However, due to scheduling conflicts for the company's nationwide network of licensed preservation subcontractors and inspectors, MCS has converted the webinars to e-learning modules.

“Our vendor capacity is growing to support greater coverage and timeliness, so we are always in search of efficiency gains that also contribute to vendor knowledge of procedures and policies,” said John Maxwell, chief operations officer for Mortgage Contracting Services. “The portal is a continuation of these efforts by providing vendors a convenient and effective means to access information and increasing their understanding of compliance requirements and ultimately their excellence in performance.”

The available modules document the workflow of the MCS vendor platform, Vendor360, and provide a high-level perspective of MCS client and investor expectations.

Each vendor who uses this system will be assigned a login address that can be used for all company employees. Modules can be completed all at once or finished at the vendor's convenience. The constant availability of this information also allows a vendor to review updated documentation on national compliance standards for different preservation services.

The login allows MCS to track the history of whether its vendors have fulfilled the e-learning course completions within the system. The company can also assign various courses to meet specific vendors' needs.

“Adding availability, convenience and flexibility to vendors' learning schedules enables them to be more proactive in their education and compliance understanding and elevates the overall level of service that MCS provides to this network and to our clients,” Maxwell said.