Bridging the gap between loan officers and real estate agents

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Date held: October 18, 2016

Loan officers and real estate agents serve the same consumer customer and they rely on each other for leads and to ensure a smooth process for the borrower. But they often donít see eye to eye on things. In this webinar, we bring loan officers and agents together to talk about their biggest pain points, and what they do to address them.

Registrants who participate in this webinar will learn about pertinent recent developments like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's recent clarification of TRID, which allows lenders to share consumer disclosures with real estate agents and other third parties to the transaction. To what extent are loan officers and real estate agent's discussing the information that goes on TRID documents, and to what end?

Speakers also will compare and contrast loan officer and real estate agent perspectives on how best to address consumer affordability challenges in the purchase market using the latest low down-payment loan and mortgage insurance products available. The discussion will include insights into how well these products match consumers' expectations in terms of:

  • price
  • closing timelines
  • the size of the lowest possible down-payment
  • Featured Presenters:

    Bonnie Sinnock
    Bonnie Sinnock
    National Mortgage News

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