A truly digital experience | September 2020

Your runway to what’s next.

The current COVID-19 crisis has required the mortgage industry to radically adapt to new customer needs-–devising new strategies, design new services, and implementing major transformations, all in rapid succession. The industry has moved faster toward providing end-to-end digital mortgages than was thought possible. Digital Mortgage 2020 will be a pivotal moment to examine how the industry has evolved, discuss together what new paradigms and opportunities have arisen, and learn how to plan for sustainable growth in this new era.

Digital Mortgage 2020 will be a world-class digital experience
Deeper connections with the Digital Mortgage community
  • Interactive roundtables and seamless peer-to-peer networking
  • Community & speaker directories
  • Live chat speaker Q&A
Enhanced session features
  • On-demand content library
  • Personal schedule builder
  • Educational material downloads
Virtual exhibit hall
  • Explore the latest innovations
  • 1:1 virtual demos with sponsors and exhibitors
The mortgage insurer is receiving $528 million of coverage in the event of defaults in a $44 billion loan pool.
While the new employment numbers bode well for housing and loan performance in the short term, concerns abound regarding how the unemployment rate and furloughs could affect prospects for the business later.
As the country wrestles economic volatility, millennial homeownership demand rises, fueled by historically low mortgage rates.