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Who We are

Live dashboards and interactive reports. Visualize all your company data (Encompass, Velocify, Servicing, HR) on one Mortgage Business Intelligence platform using Mortgage BI™.  Pull and Push data anywhere using MortgageExchange®. Manage and empower your workforce with MortgageWorkspace® built into Office 365 and Encompass - Productivity Tools, Device Management & Security.

Questions for United States ABT:

What Makes Your Product Great?

> Motivate with REAL Time Visual Data

> End Chaos: Get Everyone on the Same Page

> Leverage Stunning Interactive Reports

> View Your Entire Mortgage Company on One Dashboard

> Enable All to Visualize and Analyze Data

> Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Forecasting Tools

> Live 360 Degree View of Your Mortgage Business

> Experience Your Data from Anywhere Using Your Mobile Device

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Mortgage BI lets you create visually impactful and interactive reports using your entire companies data. Easily explore your data through a freeform, drag-and-drop canvas and produce rich data models using formulas and relationships. Choose from a broad range of modern Mortgage BI data visualizations out of the box, or create custom visuals using open technologies like D3 Web GL for your reporting needs. Visualize very large data sets directly from a wide variety of cloud sources using DirectQuery to ensure your data is always up to date without moving your data to Mortgage BI.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

The Business Intelligence Mortgage Revolution


Justin Kirsch, CEO
Carolyn Covington, Enterprise Account Executive

Key Executives

Justin Kirsch, Hugo Gonzalez, Steven Tschoepe, Carolyn Covington, Travis Lewis, Chris Schwartz-Edmisten