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Who We are

Black Knight is a leading fintech that delivers high-performance technology, data and analytics to help lenders and servicers increase efficiencies and profitability and reduce risk.

Questions for Black Knight:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Black Knight’s technology, data and analytics solutions support compliance, improve loan quality, standardize processes, and simplify operations to help clients with their greatest business challenges: improving profitability and efficiency, and mitigating risk. One of Black Knight's contribution to the digital world is its proprietary, market-leading access to mortgage lifecycle data, with the largest, loan-level database in the mortgage industry spanning the full spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio products, and more than 160 million property records representing approximately 99% of the U.S. population and households. Black Knight also offers a self-service catalog of REST API services providing simple yet comprehensive access to integrate digital services with our Empower, which is our feature-rich, end-to-end retail, wholesale and consumer direct loan origination system. Black Knight also offers extensive flexibility with its secure, scalable user interface to support a digital loan application experience, which is offered by Lender Price. No other provider can match the access to data, or the configurable and comprehensive digital ecosystem of Black Knight, which can be used to create a seamless digital borrower experience and a competitive advantage for our clients in the digital mortgage space.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Black Knight's best-in-class technology and market-leading, mortgage loan lifecycle data enables us the ability to expedite the loan application process by pre-populating key data fields within the digital mortgage loan application. By using borrower data from trusted third-party sources, the pre-populated fields enable borrowers to streamline their process by validating and verifying their information, versus manual entry. This intelligence helps streamline the process for the lender and borrower, provides an enhanced consumer experience and reduces the risk to fraud. It also supports GSE Rep/Warrant relief efforts. Essentially, it is about getting the right data, to the right person at the right time to create the most intelligent and seamless digital user experience possible.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Delivering a Delightful Digital Mortgage Experience


Sean Dugan, SVP Sales, Black Knight Origination Technology
Dawar Alimi, CEO & Co-Founder

Key Executives

Tom Sanzone, President & CEO
Jerry Halbrook, President of Origination Technologies