Blend Labs

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Who We are

Blend is a Silicon Valley technology company propelling the multi-trillion dollar home lending industry into the digital age. Blend's technology delivers speed and efficiency to lenders, so they can serve the modern borrower and safely navigate the industry's changing rules and regulations.

Three Questions for Blend:

What Makes Your Product Great?

At Blend, we’ve combined smart and sophisticated technology with a borrower-friendly experience, so homebuyers no longer have to find, print, scan, fax, or even email hundreds of documents from dozens of sources. Through Blend’s platform, borrowers can directly link their bank statements, tax returns, and other financial information on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device without being tied to in-person bank visits and regular business hours. To date, 30 percent of users access their application through the mobile platform and 50 percent leverage the self-service feature to complete the application on their own.

As a partner to some of the country’s top lenders - both banks and nonbanks - Blend is creating a digital mortgage ecosystem that enables safe, transparent and efficient lending, with the goal of making homeownership dreams a reality for more people every day.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

There are approximately $1.6 trillion in new mortgages created in the U.S. every year. However, getting a mortgage has historically been a slow, document-mired process with very little transparency. Built on a platform that’s integrated with a wide array of data sources, Blend is changing this process, enabling lenders to quickly verify applicant information while giving borrowers a frictionless, end-to-end digital experience that allows them to interact with their lender on any device, via any channel (online, retail branch, call center), and at any given time during the process. Blend is dramatically speeding up and simplifying the mortgage application process, while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring airtight compliance.

Best Success Story?

Loan Officer Testimony:

"[This application] has changed my life. I can be so much more efficient and get through many more applications and approvals than I could before." - Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage

Borrower Testimony:

"I am disabled and this application was easy enough for me to do on my own without the help of my son. What a blessing. Thank you." - Recent Blend Borrower


Brett Van Buskirk, Product Marketing
David St. Geme, Product Manager

Key Executives

Nima Ghamsari, CEO
Eugene Marinelli, CTO
Erin Collard, CFO

Key Investors

Blend is backed by Peter Thiel, Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8, Lightspeed, Max Levchin, Hans Morris, and other leading venture investors.

Key Customers/Clients

Blend has partnered with more than 20 of the industry's business and innovation leaders. At this time, Blend, as a completely white-labeled solution, is deployed at 4 of the Top 20 Lenders, including 2 of the Top 5 Banks. It has made public announcements on product deployments with Movement Mortgage, RPM Mortgage, NOIC/Concord, Opes Advisors, Mason-McDuffie, and Guardian Mortgage.