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Who We are

DocuSign® is changing how business gets done by empowering anyone to transact anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence. DocuSign enables organizations of every size, industry and geography to make every decision, approval, workflow and signature fully digital.

Questions for DocuSign:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Digital mortgage, on your terms. DocuSign Digital Closing is a flexible solution to fit the needs of your business and your customers by integrating with existing systems. Accelerate time to close and decrease costs with hybrid or full digital closings all while staying compliant in a highly-regulated industry.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

DocuSign Digital Closing decreases processing, paperwork, mailing costs and time to close, while increasing data quality and enabling lenders to provide an exceptional closing experience for borrowers.

Best Success Story?

A leading global financial services company, Citibank was eager to maintain leading edge digital offerings while organizing their process and staying compliant. Partnering with DocuSign resulted in a 40% reduction in error rate and a 99% improvement in turnaround time for certain documents. Enabling lenders to improve borrower experience and stay innovative in a highly-regulated industry, DocuSign is the fast, easy way to securely close without the paper.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Choice. Experience. Trust.


Jen Zagofsky, Director, Product Management
Christopher Chiou, Director, Strategy & Emerging Businesses

Key Executives

Dan Springer, CEO
Scott Olrich, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Reggie Davis, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer
Tom Casey, SVP, Engineering

Key Investors

SAP, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Frazier Technology Ventures

Key Customers/Clients

Bank of America, Citi, LoanDepot, and Guaranteed Rate.