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Who We are

LoanComplete from Fiserv accelerates the loan manufacturing process with OCR and data comparison engines that automate reviews between system data and the content found on documents. LoanComplete helps ensure data accuracy and consistency across documentation and lending processes while supporting a complete and trackable audit record.

LoanCompleteā„¢ from Fiserv automates mortgage loan processing and servicing tasks, giving originators and servicers greater control and helping streamline critical loan processes to improve data quality, compliance, profitability and business operations.

Questions for Fiserv:

What Makes Your Product Great?

LoanComplete complements any loan origination or servicing system with market-leading technology that helps lenders automate critical processes to accelerate loan processing, achieve better data and document quality and address ever-changing, demanding compliance regualtions. The reults include higher borrower satisfaction, increased staff productivity and lower cost and risk.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Originators typically perform manual data entry and stare-and-compare data quality checks to ensure they manufacture accuarate and salable loan packages. They also face demanding compliance audit processes to address regulations like TRID, to avoid CFPB penalties, fines, cures and buy-backs. Servicers typically perform manual data entry and quality checks from loan packages they receive. All these manual processes are error-prone, time-consuming and risky. They increase risk of loan defects, slow down the origination or servicing process and affect borrower and customer service and satisfaction.

Best Success Story?

A large Midwest bank was challenged with a time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual process for loan boarding new loans into their servicing system. This manual process took on average six hours per loan. With LoanComplete, they now process their loans at the rate of one loan every 45 minutes. This is a staggering productivity increase of 800% while significantly reducing operating costs.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Lending @ the Speed of Life


Gregg Lehman, Sr. Product Manager

Key Executives

Jeffrey Yabuki, CEO