Pulse by focusIT, Inc.


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Who We are

FocusIT is an established leader in mortgage technology with over 15 years of experience and 17,000 active subscribers. We are the nation’s largest Calyx PointCentral hosting partner and we developed our Pulse CRM and SecureShare file sharing solutions from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s mortgage originators.

Questions for focusIT:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Pulse solves the needs of both originators and executives when it comes to pipeline management. Its tight LOS integration is a key driver to success, as data is synchronized two-ways in near real-time. Pulse also does the impossible--replaces your Excel spreadsheets, Outlook reminders and good old-fashioned sticky notes. While there are plenty of CRM solutions out there, none comes close to Pulse's ability to organize your pipeline in a simple, easy-to-use interface that's both familiar and superior to the spreadsheets you inevitably fall back on today.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Vastly improves pipeline management across the entire borrower lifecycle.

Best Success Story?

Holland Mortgage Advisors deployed Pulse to improve operational efficiencies and provide better loan status to borrowers and realtors. Jonathan Freed, managing partner at Holland, said this about Pulse, “I have to say the Pulse reminders are really kicking butt. We have saved files that got missed, figured out when appraisals went wrong and used the system as metric to fire underperforming staff. Pretty cool stuff.”

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Service above all.


Josh Bopp, President

Key Customers/Clients

1. Broadview Mortgage
Joel Harrison
Orange, CA

2. Holland Mortgage Advisors
Jonathan Freed
Pittsburgh, PA

3. Cityworth Mortgage
DeVan Shumway
Fairfax, VA

4. eMortgage Hawaii
Kurt Nielsen
Kamuela, HI

5. Northeast Equitable
William McLennan
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania