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Who We are

Founded in 2008, FormFree® is an award-winning provider of revolutionary lending technologies that are setting new industry standards for simplicity and safety. Leading lenders trust FormFree’s automated verification solutions to streamline the loan origination process and provide better intelligence on borrowers’ ability to repay. Our customers include mortgage bankers, financial services firms, credit card companies, payroll service companies and crowd-funding service providers.

Four Questions for FormFree:

What Makes Your Product Great?

FormFree was founded by lending experts who are obsessed with making loans simpler and safer for everyone involved.

Through strategic data partnerships with Equifax®, LexisNexis®, IBM Watson and more than 400 financial institutions, FormFree delivers unmatched intelligence on borrower loan eligibility and Ability to Pay™ that's trusted by leading lenders and investors.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

What we stand for is in our name: freedom. We want to free borrowers and lenders from forms, long, drawn-out processes and outdated lending practices that were made for an analog world.

Best Success Story?

Last October, Fannie Mae introduced its groundbreaking Day 1 Certainty™ initiative, a program that extends protection from buyback risk to lenders who validate loans using the agency's Desktop Underwriter and Collateral Underwriter tools. The agency named FormFree® its first designated vendor for asset verification through Desktop Underwriter — a testament to FormFree's trustworthiness and commitment to excellence. Over the next several months, lenders signed up for Day 1 Certainty — and for FormFree's AccountChek® asset verification app — in droves. In mid-2017, Guaranteed Rate reported that AccountChek was enabling the company to close mortgages between 5 and 10 days faster than its previous average. This astounding achievement was echoed in similar reports from Fannie Mae and other AccountChek clients. FormFree's Passport™, launching in late 2017, is fully expected to move the needle on loan cost and time-to-close even further.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

The future of digital lending


Key Executives

  • Brent Chandler, Founder & CEO
  • Ann Fulmer, Chief Strategy & Industry Relations Officer
  • Chris Martin, Business Development Executive
  • Holt Butler, Product Specialist