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Who We are

Home Captain is the premier solution for helping lenders convert 5x more on their purchase customers. Through our patent-pending no-poach business model, our nationwide network of 7,000+ Realtors, and our white glove service, we are able to help lenders increase conversion rates, improve service scores, and develop a best in class experience for their borrowers.

Questions for Home Captain Realty:

What Makes Your Product Great?

We have a direct integration into Velocify where connecting a purchase customer with one of our real estate agents is as easy as a push of a button!

We write back data into your Velocify so you will always know the status of your borrower and your loan officers will never have to download another app or sign into another account again. Start converting more deals today!

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

We found that when lenders buy leads online and prequalify the customer for a loan, the customer will likely go find a real estate professional to start their home search. The real estate agent already has established relationships with their local lender and will encourage the customer to use their local lender rather than stay with the lender that gave the customer the initial prequalification.

This is reflected in a marketing study which showed that most online lenders will close on 2-4% of their online generated leads. However, 20-30% of all home buyers who fill out a mortgage application will end up with a funded loan after 180 days. Lenders are losing out on a significant amount of their customers and this is where Home Captain comes in.

Captain is a patent-pending, no-poach business model. We've assembled a network of 7,000+ real estate agents who have agreed not to interfere with the existing lending relationship. We keep in touch with the customer and help nurture them until they close on a home.

Our solution provides live reporting, email and text based updates back to the loan officer, and an easily integration process into lender's CRM/POS (Velocify, Salesforce, Roostify, etc), and we have white-glove service to hand hold the home buyer through the home buying process.

Best Success Story?

Within 4 months of using Home Captain we were able to increase the pre-qual to fund rate by 90% for our partner’s LendingTree leads.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Convert 5X more purchase customers


Grant Moon, CEO & Founder

Key Executives

Grant Moon - CEO & Founder
Cindy Clarke - VP of Operations

Key Investors

Second Century Ventures - National Association of Realtors
John J. Brown -Former Head of WMA/IB Securities Partnerships and Middle Markets Division of UBS Wealth Management Americas
John Ason - Early stage investor of over 60 companies including Jet.com

Key Customers/Clients

NBKC, NASB, Cardinal financial, Sebonic, First Choice