LBA Ware™

LBA Ware™

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Who We are

LBA Ware™ is a software company transforming the way lenders work together to make the American dream of homeownership a realty. By providing the promise of integrated systems, automated processes and eliminated inefficiencies, our software applications automate manual business processes, empowering lenders to maximize their productivity and operational efficiency.

Four Questions for LBA Ware™ :

What Makes Your Product Great?

To digitize a process effectively, the developer must understand both the process and programming. The longevity of LBA Ware’s solutions lies in founder Lori Brewer’s extensive background in the mortgage industry, allowing her to intuitively avoid pitfalls and produce an end-product that leverages automation and system integration to ease the pain points of repetitive manual workflow.

Today, mortgage companies of all sizes, including many of the nation’s top lenders, are using CompenSafe to manage their LO and operations compensation calculations. In 2016, the system handled nearly $400 million in payroll transactions associated with more than 185,000 completed loans, which accounted for $41.7 billion in loan origination volume. Nearly 8,500 unique compensation plans were created and managed within the system last year, and the average cost per loan for the lender decreased from $8.76 in 2014 to $5.36 in 2016. In total, CompenSafe has calculated over $1 billion in compensation.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Offering creative compensation plans is key to attracting and retaining top LO talent. However, being flexible also increases the number of compensation plans that HR/payroll teams must manage each pay period. Many lenders are still using spreadsheets to calculate and track compensation, resulting in a fragmented, complicated process fraught with inefficiency and risk. By automating this process with CompenSafe, lenders eliminate both while also gaining unprecedented insight into profitability and performance at a branch- and staff-level.

Best Success Story?

After successfully deploying CompenSafe to automatically calculate commissions and bonus compensation throughout its 130 retail branches, Houston-based Envoy Mortgage decided to leverage the platform as a comprehensive branch management tool. The result? Unparalleled insight into branch performance and profitability and a platform that has allowed them to implement metric-driven practices across all their branches.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Listen, solve problems, build trust.


Lori Brewer, President and Founder
Matt Marshall, Solutions Consultant

Key Executives

Lori Brewer, President and Founder
Finn Klemann, Director of Business Development
Lucy Skelton, CFO
Lisa Birmingham, DevOps Manager
Kelley Mangel, Marketing Manager

Key Investors

LBA Ware is completely self-funded through its professional services and custom software.

Key Customers/Clients

PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company; Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation; Envoy Mortgage; Movement Mortgage; Churchill Mortgage