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Who We are

LoanBeam is the standard in automated income calculation technology for consumer mortgage companies. We combine big-data partnerships, advanced scanning technology, and patented algorithms to reduce multiple streams of income into a single, easy-to-read, electronic output document. LoanBeam saves lenders time and money while improving accuracy and process flow.

LoanBeam’s Qualified Income Calculator uses Optical Character Recognition to analyze IRS tax documents, calculating qualifying income for consumer mortgage borrowers. LoanBeam’s technology reduces any tax package — regardless of size and complexity — down to a single, easy-to-read digital output, replacing the need for manual forms and reducing the burden of physical documents.

Questions for LoanBeam:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Our employees make our product great. Our product makes our company great.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

LoanBeam saves our clients time and money by automating and standardizing the calculation of a borrower's Qualifying Income for a mortgage application.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Income calculation made simple


Kirk Donaldson, President/CSO
Roby Robertson, Marketing and Devlopment Manager

Key Executives

Kirk Donaldson, President/CSO
Jerry Melia, COO
Gurleen Randhawa, CTO
Sri Gajjala, CPO
Tim Cox, CAO

Key Customers/Clients

Freedom Mortgage
Caliber Home Loans, LLC
loanDepot, LLC
Guaranteed Rate LLC
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation