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Who We are

LoanScorecard™ is a leading provider of automated portfolio underwriting and loan pricing solutions designed to meet today’s regulatory challenges. The company’s Portfolio Underwriter™ streamlines portfolio mortgage underwriting, eliminating manual processing and producing consistent, unbiased and documented underwriting decisions in seconds to satisfy fair lending compliance. For more information, visit

Questions for LoanScorecard™:

What Makes Your Product Great?

One of the best ways for lenders to demonstrate their commitment to fairness and compliance is to use a consistent, automated underwriting system (AUS) that can assure the proper application of their credit policy and create loan-level transparency of approval criteria. Yet agency AUSs cannot reflect the underwriting guidelines of lender’s specific portfolio programs. That’s why LoanScorecard developed Portfolio Underwriter. Portfolio Underwriter provides lenders with control of their credit risk profile and documentation requirements. It also provides originators and underwriters with a unique, in-depth findings report, as well as a detailed underwriting analysis based on the lender’s specific credit policies and criteria.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Manually underwriting portfolio loans is time consuming, prone to human error (which can be seen as bias), and exposes lenders to Fair Lending violations. Portfolio Underwriter allows lenders to analyze loan data based on their unique specifications, making it easier for them to be competitive on the financial stage while ensuring safety and soundness in their mortgage operations. It streamlines portfolio (i.e., non-agency) mortgage underwriting—eliminating manual processing and ensuring that loans are approved and documented to satisfy Fair Lending requirements.

Best Success Story?

According to Gerron Dover at Cascade Financial Services, "LoanScorecard’s Portfolio Underwriter works seamlessly with our LOS, was relatively quick and inexpensive to get set up, and provides us with the efficiency we need to offer our portfolio loan products on a more expanded scale. It also provides us with the ability to quickly revise system parameters as we get more experience with our new loan products, and our lending guidelines evolve over time."

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Solutions for compliant, intelligent lending


Nancy Early, Regional Sales Executive

Key Executives

Ben Wu, Executive Director

Key Customers/Clients

Cascade Financial Services, Central Pacific Bank, ACC Mortgage, New Penn Financial, Caliber Wholesale