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Mortgage Cadence

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Who We are

Mortgage Cadence delivers the industry's only true one-stop-shop mortgage technology. In a time when efficiency, speed and the customer experience are paramount to success, we offer reliable software and dedicated people, supporting lenders' every need.

Four Questions for Mortgage Cadence:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Collaboration Center provides true multi-party collaboration for secure communication, document exchange, data transfer, and automation from origination through post-closing. Collaboration Center's powerful tools enable lenders to easily communicate, deliver, share, and track every detail to close loans efficiently. Collaboration Center’s built-in messaging and real-time chat features include time-and-date stamps that become a permanent part of the file for audit logging. It brings all the people, workflow, and information for a loan into one secure place, while reducing the risk of cybercrime thanks to a secure portal that replaces the use of traditional email and cumbersome interfaces.

Not only does Collaboration Center address the growing threat of cybercrime, it simultaneously increases efficiency and delivers on the promise of a true digital mortgage. Collaboration reaches an all-time high as loan officers, title and settlement agents, and other service provides can easily exchange documents in one central location. Processing is accelerated through Collaboration Center’s ability to compare documents and highlight changes between various versions received, enabling lenders to spend more time addressing the changes rather than identifying them. Collaboration Center displaces the misconception that the digital mortgage stops and ends with the borrower experience. Instead, it extends the digital mortgage throughout the lifecycle of the loan for all parties involved.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

As the digital mortgage quickly becomes commonplace, so too does the opportunity for increased cybercrime, and the industry's current siloed defense approach is not enough. The Collaboration Center uses a secure portal to replace the use of traditional email and provide a collaborative front against cybercrime in a way that promises industry staying power.

Best Success Story?

Associated Bank’s over-reliance on paper slowed closings and sapped efficiency. They sought a technology solution offering reliability and streamlined workflows. By selecting the Enterprise Lending Center and accompanying product suite, it opened the door to point-of-sale functionality and fully electronic document generation and management  – helping them move towards digital lending. Mortgage Cadence provides Associated Bank with the last lending platform they will ever need by offering a reliable system that grows with their business.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Ignite Your Vision


Todd Hougaard, Product Manager
Marc White, Sales Engineering Lead

Key Executives

Trevor Gauthier - President
Amanda Phillips - EVP of Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Damir Matic - EVP of Technology Architecture and Engineering
Dan Green - EVP Operations
Jacob Petersen - EVP of Customer Solutions and Document Center Operations
Jeff Fonda - EVP of Finance
Paul Wetzel - EVP of Product Management
Nizar Hashlamon - EVP Sales and Client Relations
Keith Moore - EVP Information Systems and Security
Katharine Loveland - EVP Software Delivery & Professional Services

Key Investors

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture.

Key Customers/Clients

Associated Bank
Summit Credit Union
First Federal Bank of Florida
Purdue Federal Credit Union