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Who We are

MortgageHippo works with mortgage lenders to devise and implement their digital mortgage strategies based on our consumer-centric platform. Our mortgage platform guides consumers through every step of the mortgage process and facilitates the transaction between a borrower, the loan officer and other important parties (e.g. real estate agent).

Questions for MortgageHippo:

What Makes Your Product Great?

MortgageHippo is more than a digital mortgage technology provider. We partner with lenders to maximize the return on investment of their marketing budget. What real tangible value does a great technology provide to a mortgage lender if they are still not converting prospects to closed loans? MortgageHippo's digital mortgage platform not only increases efficiency and reduces costs for a mortgage lender by streamlining the mortgage process, it actually increases conversions and customer satisfaction by providing a great consumer experience.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Zillow, Bankrate, LendingTree, banner ads, social media... most mortgage companies have tried them all. The one major challenge has been converting those clicks into leads and those leads into closed loans. Why? The digital mortgage footprint of the lender is not meeting the expectations of the modern consumer. MortgageHippo customizes its's digital mortgage platform for lenders in order to meet this market demand with technology that actually converts, thus reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing origination volume. Be it the retail or consumer direct channels, MortgageHippo's digital mortgage platform simply converts better than the rest.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Does it convert?


Joe Dahleen, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer
Andrew Dailey, Chief Technology Officer

Key Executives

Valentin Saportas (CEO), Michael Salichs (President & COO)

Key Investors

CMFG Ventures