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Who We are

Nexgen HBM is a full-service business development and technology company on a mission to help lenders create business at the intersection of real estate, lending, technology and people.

Questions for NexGen:

What Makes Your Product Great?

HomeScout® National MLS for Lenders. Our nationwide search platform; your brand.

Our proprietary national MLS, HomeScout®, has created a disruptive trend in the lending and real estate industries. HomeScout is the only nationwide search site with 100% MLS listings. Our lender branded ecosystem enables lenders to capture buyers prior to their point-of-sale. Our predictive analytics and immersive experience, captures and incubates buyers through all of their future real estate transactions.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

With HomeScout, buyers receive the most accurate data available, in a private and secure environment where their personal data is never sold. Our Lender partners are branded through every step of the home search process, and receive real-time reporting from the HBM Dash® to efficiently increase conversion rates and mortgage origination volume

Best Success Story?

One lender client, leveraging our market share acquisition strategies, closed 14,242 additional source coded loans in 2016 for a one year ROI of 562%. In addition, they currently have over 90,000 buyers still shopping on HomeScout National MLS.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Simple. Personal. Powerful.


Steve Polston, Founder, CEO
Jeff Colville, Senior Division Manager

Key Customers/Clients

Quicken Loans
Fairway Independent Mortgage
Eagle Home Mortgage
Cherry Creek Mortgage
Cornerstone Home Lending