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Who We are

Notarize is a platform that allows businesses and individuals to collect and notarize documents anywhere, anytime online. The notarization industry hasn’t kept pace with the changing needs or expectations of consumers and businesses. Notarize is improving the way we execute over 1.2 billion transactions annually, including antiquated processes like closing on a home.

Four Questions for Notarize:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Notarize is modernizing the mortgage industry by allowing consumers the ultimate flexibility to close their mortgage loan anywhere, at any time. We've made notarization effortless while being more effective!

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Despite all of the innovation occurring on the front-end of the mortgage process, the closing process is stuck in the Dark Ages. This is the last mile of the home buying process and it’s also the most painful. Borrowers have to schedule a closing and travel to meet an agent in person. Paper processes result in significant delays and errors, a bad customer experience, and additional cost and backlogs post-closing. By allowing borrowers to close on their desired location and time, all online, consumers can realize the dream of getting into their home faster.

Best Success Story?

We've helped small businesses get access to financing faster with our partner Seek Business Capital. Every loan Seek grants to their customers requires a notarization. Many of the loans are a lifeline for the small businesses. With Notarize, Seek has been able to reduce the time it takes to get these notarized documents back from days to minutes.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Closing mortgages online, anytime, anywhere.


Pat Kinsel, Founder and CEO
Adam Pase, Co-Founder and COO

Key Executives

Pat Kinsel, CEO
Adam Pase, Co-Founder and COO
Jennifer Parker, GM of Digital Mortgage Solutions
Dan Mazmanian, VP of Sales

Key Investors

Polaris Partners
Fifth Wall
Ludlow Ventures
Founders Fund

Key Customers/Clients

United Wholesale Mortgage
Mid America Mortgage
Seek Business Capital