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Who We are

PromonTech has a vision of a mortgage industry that is transparent, efficient and understandable for borrowers, lenders, regulators and investors. We’re creating that future right now, with technology that lenders and consumers can use collaboratively, using accessible, auditable and accurate loan transaction data.

Four Questions for PromonTech:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Our team demonstrates the value of matching deep mortgage sales and operations expertise with a skilled technology team. We emphasize collaboration, digital source data, and process transparency. The result? A flexible delivery culture that champions velocity and quality.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

The mortgage process is outdated, paper-based and full of human input/error. Our technology creates a transformative experience for the new digital mortgage process. Our products rely on golden-source data to ensure compliance, reduce paper and eliminate human error through automation and AI.

Best Success Story?

PromonTech’s aggressive development approach and respect for deep lending expertise resulted in breathtaking speed to market (6 months) for our first product - The Borrower Wallet. Two months later, we partnered with a 20-year local leader in retail mortgage. Our client’s loan officers and customers share a secure, trusted workspace that consumers say is “actually fun to use.” We think that engaged applicants provide better data, faster, creating point-of-sale efficiencies and reducing time-to-close for our clients.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Returning the promise of homeownership.


Michael Kolbrener, Chief Technology Officer
Tony Pietrocola, Head of Sales

Key Executives

Bruce Witherell, CEO and Gene Ludwig, Advisor