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Who We are

Roostify leads the industry in delivering accelerated and transparent online mortgage experiences. From enterprise banks to independent brokerages, dozens of lenders across the United States trust Roostify to speed up closings, reduce unnecessary work and give their customers a smooth, anxiety-free mortgage experience

Four Questions for Roostify:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Roostify is built around the core principle of empowering consumers through the most complex and significant financial transaction in their life. This focus on addressing and overcoming the consumer's pain points has allowed us to build experience modern consumers expect, and modern lenders want to offer.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

The Roostify platform improves the speed and transparency of the mortgage process, by eliminating time-consuming manual processes and fostering easy collaboration between all loan participants.

Best Success Story?

Developed the first partnership of its kind between a fintech startup and a Tier-1 bank to help JP Morgan Chase bring its new online mortgage experience to market in early 2017.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Does this serve the consumer?


Sandeep Aji, Vice President of Products
Travis Kniffen, Product Marketing Manager

Key Executives

Rajesh Bhat, CEO;
Iyad Darcazallie, CFO & COO;
Sandeep Aji, VP of Products;
Frank Gelbart, CRO;
Jesse Decker, VP of Services

Key Investors

Privately Funded

Key Customers/Clients

JP Morgan Chase; Guild Mortgage; Pacific Union Financial