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Who We are

SimpleNexus is a mobile app platform that connects lenders with their borrowers and Realtors for the easy exchange of data and documents. SimpleNexus provides loan officers the ability to be a Mobile Originator -- being able to take loan applications, order credit, run pricing and send pre-approval letters -- all from the palm of their hands.

Four Questions for SimpleNexus:

What Makes Your Product Great?

We are able to make the loan application process simple, mobile, and faster all in one app on the mobile device. Everything from credit checks, filling out a 1003, pre-qual letters, and pricing is now accessible on your phone.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Simplifies the complex and long loan application all in a mobile solution.

Best Success Story?

An LO was helping an 73 year old woman in rural Texas apply for a ranch property over the phone, and she was able to apply, upload all of her documents and receive a prequalification letter in just over an hour. The Realtor in the situation was so happy that she now refers all of her business to this loan officer.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Modern mobile mortgage solutions


Joe Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer
Ben Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Key Executives

Matt Hansen, CEO
Ben Miller, COO; Dave Stevenson, CTO
Joe Wilson, CMO

Key Investors

We are self-funded

Key Customers/Clients

Fairway Independent Mortgage; Academy Mortgage; American Pacific Mortgage