Tavant Technologies

Tavant Technologies

Who We are

Tavant VΞLOX is industry’s only AI – Powered Digital Lending Platform. It is digitally disrupting the mortgage industry with an immersive omnichannel experience and high velocity execution: from home discovery to loan funding.

The products available on VΞLOX include:

o FinXperience: suite of portals and companion mobile applications

o FinCapture: autonomous document ingestion platform

o FinConnect: modern mortgage data and services hub

o FinSight: analytics engine for predictive insights

Questions for Tavant Technologies:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Tavant VΞLOX is an AI-powered one of a kind product suite for the lending industry. Tavant VΞLOX uses Artificial Intelligence to provide immersive lending journeys for every stakeholder (consumer, loan officer, broker, operations, et al) in the origination ecosystem and improve loan production efficiency and ensures better loan quality.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Tavant VΞLOX has changed the game for our clients. Now they have a single unified experience platform that they can roll out to their customers, loan officers as well TPO partners. Their investment into a single platform yields returns across a seamless brand experience for their customers and partners. The single unified platform offers them faster time to market with game-changing ideas as well as costs them half of what they would spend on getting 3-4 different platforms to accomplish the same business objectives.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

AI-powered digital lending platform.


Dain Ehring, SVP - Market Development
Abhinav Asthana, Director Products

Key Executives

Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO / Hassan Rashid, CRO / Manish Arya, CTO

Key Investors


Key Customers/Clients

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Newfi Lending and three of the top 10 lenders.