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Who We are

TRK Connection was founded to deliver innovative software solutions to support the mortgage and banking industries. As an innovator in the quality assurance and mortgage origination space, TRK continues to develop and refine solutions geared to promote and strengthen the loan origination process, pre/post close loan audits and defect remediation.

Questions for TRK Connection:

What Makes Your Product Great?

Many QC platforms can claim to have been built “with the lender in mind.” The development of Insight RDM, however, was truly a collaborative effort with key players in the space to create a modern, scalable QC audit platform that could meet the needs of lenders of all sizes. TRK has build a QC audit platform that delivers true, lender-driven functionality with an intuitive interface, configurable to any existing QC process and operable on any browser and/or mobile device.

For example, most QC audit platforms restrict file access to one auditor at a time, which can slow down the process if a lender has assigned areas of specialty to their auditors rather than having a single auditor review all aspects of the file. With Insight RDM, users can assign multiple auditors to review a file simultaneously and aggregate their findings into a single, easy-to-read report.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Loan quality isn’t something to which lenders can simply pay lip service. Both the GSEs and other investors have their attention squarely focused on the quality of loans lenders are delivering for purchase, and the traditional method of managing QC reviews (i.e. spreadsheets) simply won’t cut it anymore.

What TRK Connection has done is deliver a modern, sophisticated QC audit platform that marries ease of use with advanced functionality and unmatched flexibility, allowing mortgage QC departments to mold the system around their current processes. With Insight RDM in place, lenders have the power to accelerate the QC review process, enabling them to identify and remediate defects with speed and accuracy and ensure the highest levels of loan quality.

Best Success Story?

Having grown rapidly between 2014 and 2016, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.’s increased origination volume resulted in a corresponding upsurge in the number of loans its QC department was required to audit. Rather than staffing up, PRMI implemented TRK Connection’s Insight RDM QC audit platform for its in-house pre-funding and post-closing loan audits. As a result, PRMI avoided incurring an additional $50,000+/year in personnel-related overhead while significantly improving the efficiency of its QC auditing process.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Modernizing QC through Innovative Technology


Colton Hansen, VP of Business Development and Client Relations
Randy Abbey, Chief Technology Officer

Key Executives

Teri Sundh, CEO
Randy Abbey, CTO

Key Investors

Rich Knell
Kelly Morely

Key Customers/Clients

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI)
The Compliance Group
JMAC Lending