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Who We are

We are a data science company providing mobile applications, social media outreach and advanced analytics for loan application generation, property inspection and appraisal efficiency.

We digitize the consumer decision journey in housing, including ownership and equity, by streamlining the mortgage process and bringing liquidity enhancement to lenders and consumers.

Four Questions for ValueScape:

What Makes Your Product Great?

SnapValue™ is a mobile app providing borrowers with a digital journey experience that facilitates the ability to apply for a loan, provides them with a market analysis and home value that considers their property characteristics, provide lenders with relevant data about their home, and easily enable property inspection.

Lender brand awareness and loan application generation is personalized and optimized across social media channels, providing consumers and lenders with the ability to exchange relevant borrower, property and valuation data matching lenders pre-underwritting approval criteria and shortening approval timeline.

What Key Challenge Does It Solve?

Are lenders ready to target and engage with a mobile social media market?

With 70% of all adult Americans using Facebook and 53% of all Millennials most likely to share content on Facebook, 40% or more of retail banking new inflow revenue will be attributed to social media in the next five years.

Millennials are taking over the mortgage market, 86% of all closed loans on Feb 2017 came from Millennials and according to Source Media most Millennial homeowners are planning to purchase a new home in 2018.

The winners will be the Lenders who migrate to managing nearly all interactions online and mobile, with social media becoming the preferred channel of interaction for clients, identifyng mobile social media behavior, from an unknown mobile persona to a known and connected one with a personalized and high touch experience.

SnapValue™ is a mobile app that closes the mobile social media gap between lenders and consumers by providing a mobile customer-centric journey for loan application generation and market outreach; helping lenders to target, acquire, onboard and engage with the generation of mobile users.

Best Success Story?

We received great feedback during our R & D years, with comments that included "This is the coolest application I have ever seen", "I am now one of your fans" and "I absolutely love it!". These comments have kept us motivated and engaged, resulting in our best success story-winning the 2015 Wolfram Innovator Award for most innovative real estate application recognizing ValueScape as an innovative data science company in both the real estate and lending spaces.

What Is Your Company Or Product Mantra, In 5 Words Or Less?

Turning Loan Applications into Journeys™


Mark Linne, CEO
Shashi Rivankar, CIO
William Leveson-Gower, Chairman

Key Executives

William Leveson-Gower, Chairman
Mark Linne CEO
Shashi Rivankar CIO

Key Investors

Privately funded